2018 Halloween on the Hill Recap

The 2018 Halloween on the Hill was a tremendous success.  First, a huge thank you to all the neighbors and volunteers who participated. This event could not happen without many people generously contributing time and resources. Some stats from DMARC regarding the collection efforts:

  • 4,692 food items
  • 130 diapers
  • 80 personal care items
  • $219

For reference, in 2017 (the prior high mark), we collected 1,572 food items and $140.  Also, Beacon of Life reported over $850 was raised through concession sales for their organization. We estimate over 5,000 people attended and that may be conservative because 7,000 people indicated going or interested on Facebook.  Many more were reached through local news and social media. 

Thank You!

First, thank you to our neighbors who invest time, energy, and treasure decorating and participating.  In no particular order:  Brandy & John Clogg & Co., Angela Broughton-Romain & Jim Romain, Lyn Loheed, Judith Hainut, Dawn Bentley, Dan Bell, Sharon Bird, Jennifer Phipps, Alan & Dat, Chuck & Marilyn Farr,  Tim & Rachel Ng, Emmaus House, York, Marty Gross, Jeremy Phillips & Deb Copeland, David Schlarmann, Carl & Cathy, Dave Carlson, Mike & Erin Kiernan, Ed & Kristin Brafford, James & Emily Peterson, John & Shayla McCormally, Brian Hulten & Gretchen Jensen,  Victoria Marsen & Rich Leopold, Sgt. Scarlett, Warren & Mary Riedesel, Rhanda LaJune, Robert Warren, Rob McCammon & Dr. Fudge, Lorenzo Sandoval & Robin Heinemann, Whispers, Kirsten & Jeff Anderson, Beacon of Life, Wallace House, Cory McAnelly & Lauren Knoelke, DMARC, Drake APO, Doug & Rochelle Burnett, Howell & Sirna families. 

Second, we could not pull it off without our partners.  Hoyt Sherman Place again was our generous collection point, premier parking, and launching point.  Unity Point provided access to their parking lots, walkie talkies, and golf cart that were crucial (one man with chest pains was transported out of the sea of people to get to the hospital).  Eggs & Jam (www.eggsandjamwdm.com ) sponsored the interactive display at the Farr’s (medieval knight & damsel). Dance Vision (www.dance-vision.com ) enthralled huge audiences with Thriller.   The Iowa Shakespeare Experience for Poe’s The Raven.

THANK YOU all for attending and donating to make this a success. See you next year!


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