President’s Corner, May 2018

A very timely reminder of our quarterly meeting on May 31, 2018. Since our last meeting in February, the Sherman Hill Association Board has been very active. While I won’t go into much detail here, highlights include:

  • Preparing our 2018 Operating Budget. Note: We need Sherman Hill Association (the “Association”) approval at the May 31, 2018 Quarterly Meeting.
  • Searching for a new website provider. We have a good prospect and ideas. See page 2.
  • Drafting a new set of Bylaws. We will seek Association approval at our August 2018meeting.
  • Planning for our 2018 Annual Doors to the Past Home Tour. If you haven’t heard, it will be only one weekend this year, Sept 29-30. Houses needed asap!
  • Negotiated a $16,000 buyout of Ingersoll Square Phase III. Thank you CraigMettille for your support to our neighborhood.
  • Ordered and (by the time you read this hopefully) planted flowers along Crocker and 15th. See photo on right froma prior year.
  • Supported Neighborhood Development Corporation in their efforts to rehab the old Planned Parenthood site.

On this last point, we especially need your input! The Neighborhood Development Corporation has expressed interest in selling approximately 50% of their current property to the Sherman Hill Association (see red
outline in photo above). The Board is very excited about this opportunity, but requires Membership approval beforemoving forward. First and foremost, does the Membership support this effort? Secondly, we seek input on desired uses for this land. We have several ideas, but want to hear your ideas as well.

So please join me and the rest of the Sherman Hill Board on May 31, 2018 to discuss this opportunity inmore detail, plus much more. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of Sherman Hill.

Hope to see you at the upcoming quarterly meeting on May 31, 2018!


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